* Light weight and easy to carry. * Durable * Easy to lay. * Can be jointed easily using solvent cement

* Inert to most of the acids and alkalies. * Non-toxic * Cheaper than other conventional pipes.     

Our product range finds applications in Irrigation, water transportation, drainage and construction. These are acclaimed for dimensional accuracy, chemical resistance, corrosion resistance and durability.


"SHAKTHIMAN SUPER" is available in the latest Indian Standard specifications. The Bureau of Indian Standards has released the Third Revision of the standard, IS: 4985 :2000, for Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride Pipes for Potable Water Supplies. Three new material tests for determining the Sulphated Ash Content, Vicat Softening Temperature and Density are incorporated in
IS 4985 : 2000. Chloroplast is the first to introduce this Standard in the State.


Various tests conducted on SHAKTHIMAN SUPER PVC pipes in addition to the dimensional tests and its conformities are given below:-

Name of Test Conformity

Visual Appearance

Colour light gray. Both inner and outer surfaces shall be smooth

Opacity Test

Does not pass more than 0.2% of falling light

Effect on Water

Lead, Dialkyl tin C4 and other toxic substances shall be within the prescribed limit.

Reversion Test

The change in length shall be ± 5%

Vicat Softening Temperature Test

The penetration shall not be more than 1mm at 80 °C


1.4 - 1.46

Sulphated Ash Content Test

Ash content shall be below 11%

Internal Hydrostatic pressure test (Acceptance).

The pipe shall not burst at the test pressure

Internal Hydrostatic pressure test (Type)

The pipe shall not burst at the test pressure

Resistance to External Blows at 0 °C

The true impact rate shall be below 10%

Largest Producer of ISI marked pipes in the State since 1998.
More than three decades of proven track record.
Have only one brand and that is ISI marked.
First in the state to get ISI License as per
IS 4985 : 2000 Standard
First to introduce Holographic label on pipe to prevent duplication
First and only permanent member from Kerala in the Plastic Piping System Sectional Committee, CED 50, which formulates Standard for Plastic Pipe in India.
First pipe manufacture in South India to get ISO 9002 certification.